Work Out Loud Week

Sharing complex knowledge requires trust, but developing trusted knowledge networks does not happen over night. It requires a combination of actively engaged knowledge workers, using effective communications tools, all within a supportive organizational structure.

In complex work environments, the optimal way to do work is to constantly probe the environment and test emergent practices. This requires an empowered workforce. Emergent practices are dependent on the cooperation of all workers (including management) as well as the free flow of knowledge.

Valued work in the network era is customized and complex, dealing with exceptions to the rule. In this environment, sense-making and knowledge-sharing become critical skills. The most effective learning in the new world of work will be when engaged individuals regularly share their knowledge. Working out loud is the primary way people can share in their networks, communities, and workplaces. Most networked workers will be engaged in all three at once.

working out loud

All nodes [workers] in [knowledge] networks have to show they are of some value. This means contributing knowledge. There are many ways to add value to knowledge (synthesizing; experimenting; evaluating; etc.), but it has to be shared. Good knowledge sharing by working out loud, requires practice, so it’s best to start now during Work Out Loud Week.

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