Democracy vs platform capitalism

Here are some observations and insights that were shared on social media this past fortnight. I call these Friday’s Finds.

A Digital Declaration – by Shoshana Zuboff

In the shadow and gloom of today’s institutional facts, it has become fashionable to mourn the passing of the democratic era. I say that democracy is the best our species has created so far, and woe to us if we abandon it now. The real road to serfdom is to be persuaded that the declarations of democracy we have inherited are no longer relevant to a digital future. These have been inscribed in our souls, and if we leave them behind— we abandon the best part of ourselves. If you doubt me, try living without them, as I have done. That is the real wasteland, and we should fear it.

“MT @glovink: Stop talking about Uber as ‘sharing economy’ says German net guru Sascha Lobo. I like his concept: ‘platform capitalism'” – @martinlessard

@edmorrison – “Our challenge is not to banish hierarchies, but to balance them with open systems, properly guided.”

Competition is for losers, build a monopoly by @peterthiel@indy_johar: “shocking piece; 1st they killed democracy now free markets”

Harold’s comment: My focus is the democratization of work. Democracy is messy & has redundancies, which is why it’s perfect for a complex society & economy.


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