Workshop Bank

If you conduct workshops, finding activities that relate to your themes can be a challenge. I have used one activity several times, first in Toronto in 2011. A while later, over a beer in Copenhagen, I met Nick Martin, who was beginning to develop a new website, WorkshopBank, to share ideas on ice-breakers and other workshop/training activities. He liked my use of the equilateral triangles collaboration exercise and it is now posted. In perusing Nick’s site, there are at least two new exercises I plan to try out.

Culture Triangle: A team building motivational activity that helps separate teams or organizations understand each other better with a view to improving collaboration.

Prisoner’s Dilemma (aka Reds & Blues): Prisoner’s Dilemma is a fantastic team building game which demonstrates whether people display win-win (co-operative) or win-lose orientation (selfish competitive) in a fun situation which offers the possibility of both.

TheWorkshopBankPodcastArtworkIf you have other workshop ideas you would like to share, contact Nick and join the community. I think this is a resource that many people will find useful.

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