time and context

One way to make sense of something is to walk around it by looking at it from a different perspective. Time and a different context can give new insights. Chris Mackay gave me this PKM tip on how to make a decision on purchasing books. Chris adds the book’s name & link to OmniFocus and then puts a 30 day reminder on it. One month later he gets an automated notice about the book. What is interesting is that in most cases, Chris decides not to buy the book. Chris admits that he loves buying books and often makes quick purchase decisions. This new discipline helps him save money. He still has a large pile of books on his current reading list though.

Think about this tip for other things you are trying to make sense of. Maybe it’s best to save a link, or use the favorite [now the ‘like’] button on Twitter, before you share or comment on it. You might only use this action for certain topics, such as politics. Review them the next day or week, and then decide if they are worth sharing. Part of the PKM sense-making process is to set aside enough time for the important things. Automating certain processes may save you this time.

During the PKM online workshop, we discuss all manner of ways to improve our seeking, sense-making, and sharing of knowledge. The objective is to find processes and practices that work for you. Combining a number of small new practices can help develop larger changes in taking control of your professional development.



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