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I have written over 250 posts classified as Friday’s Finds. These are compilations of what has passed by me on social media over the past week or two. Originally these were posted once a week and now once per fortnight. With a critical mass of posts I now have an additional resource to mine for insight. For instance, I regularly search my blog for posts I have written so that I can recall my thoughts. I call it my outboard brain. With Friday’s Finds, I can search the posts of others to see what they have to say on a certain topic. For example, I can search to see what others have to say on leadership.

fridays-finds-leadershipWhen we start on a process like blogging we do not see the results until long after. With my Friday’s Finds, I now have a treasure trove of insights to review as needed. So without further ado …

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. [#251].

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” – Machiavelli – via @AfricaDean

“No such thing as ‘non-leader.’ Every day offers every one of us scads of leadership opportunities.”@tom_peters

The Table Napkin Test by @snowded – via @SimonGTerry

One of the golden rules of sense-making is that any framework or model that can’t be drawn on a table napkin from memory has little utility. The reason for this is pretty clear, if people can use something without the need for prompts or guides then there are more likely to use it and as importantly adapt it. Models with multiple aspects, more than five aspects (its a memory limit guys live with it) or which require esoteric knowledge are inherently dependency models. They are designed to create a dependency on the model creator.

How Much Do We Know? by @pevansgreenwood

Expertise, and being an expert, implies having the hard-won knowledge and skills that make you a reliable judge of what is best or wisest to do. It’s an inherently backwards-looking concept, ascribing value to individuals based on their ability to accumulate experience and then generalise from it, taking generic solutions that have worked in the past and applying them to specific problems encountered today.

Collaboration & Cooperation – by @AmyBurvall


Image by Amy Burvall

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  1. Bruno Winck

    I like the idea of “outward brain”, a good Tuesday finding.

    I though that Diigo would be a better tool for locating things we find while browsing around. It could be something that got our attention but not worth our attention at that time?

    I’m also using my journal of comments for the same purpose.

  2. Sheeba Kumari

    I tho’ that Diigo would be a higher tool for locating things we discover whereas browsing around. It may be one thing that got our attention however not price our attention at that point


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