november webinar

Working in Perpetual Beta

I will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, 10 November at 16:00 UTC (08:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, 17:00 CET).

The subject will be the topics discussed in working in perpetual beta, the last volume of the series. I will show the research behind the network learning model and the triple operating system, and explain how these were developed over several years. I will also take any questions in advance from participants. The general outline will be 30 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion or answering questions and longer if there are lots of questions. I intend to use the  platform, which I have found to be very easy to access.

The registration fee includes a copy of Working in Perpetual Beta.

If you are interesting in applying new organizational models for the network era that optimize human learning, based on cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and transparency, then please join us.

Introductory price: $(US)29

Registration is closed


2 Responses to “november webinar”

  1. Benjamin Carmel

    Hi Harold,
    I would to participate in the webinar tomorrow, but I have a prior commitment. Do you plan to run this session again? Or, will it be recorded? I will purchase the book either way, but would be happy to hear your thoughts and connect with the other participants if possible.
    Keep up the great work — a very much needed distraction for us south of the border today. Sigh.
    -Ben (@BenCpdx)

    • Harold Jarche

      Thanks, Ben, but this one will not be recorded. I’ll see if the next one can be. Only 3 people registered at this time, so it will be intimate. I’ll gladly do a one-on-one with you. I have lots of time, as there is very little client work for me.


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