the third bucket

In a discussion I had with a senior Human Resources executive at a large corporation, he noted that when it comes to managing people and their talents, there are three buckets. Two of these are easy to fill, while the third is the real challenge:

1. Tools

2. Skills

3. Meta-Competencies:

Learning how to Learn (e.g. PKMastery)

Working in Digital Networks (e.g. Perpetual Beta)

The trend is that more and more, in networked workplaces, work is learning and learning is the work. We cannot divorce learning from the work being done. Tools and skills can be developed relatively quickly. Meta (learning) competencies take a long time. This is why the personal knowledge mastery workshop is over 40 days. It is still just a drop in the bucket in developing these competencies, but trying to cram all the concepts into a one or two-day workshop is impossible. I know, because I have tried. It would be like filling a planter with more fertilizer, soil, and seeds in the belief that things will grow faster.

Meta skills require ‘meta time’. This is too often forgotten in organizations fascinated with short-term measurements. So don’t forget the third bucket when it comes to learning and development. Nurture that bucket and it will yield long-term results.



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