life in perpetual beta 2.0

The perpetual beta series synthesizes about 12 years of writing on this site. The four volumes examine learning, technology, democracy, personal knowledge mastery, leadership, and new working models. But life is in perpetual beta. Therefore the second version that builds on the series is now available. If you want the beta (latest) version, then this is it. At about 70 pages, this PDF, like the others, is DRM-free and you may print and share as you like, though my preference is that you don’t get into the publishing business with it 😉

Here is the table of contents:

I wrote the original perpetual beta series as four standalone volumes, between 2014 and 2016. The changing nature of work, and our evolving perspectives on learning and knowledge were the core themes. I wrote seeking perpetual beta first, in order to create a coherent narrative of ten years of blogging. Subsequent volumes focused on leadership, personal knowledge mastery, and working models. These are still available for purchase.

This fifth volume, or rather Life in Perpetual Beta 2.0, with updates, continues the journey and keeps things up to date in our ever-changing networked world. While some similar themes, not content, are covered, the topic of retrieving gender balance has been added. This e-book is for those who want to stay current and ride the waves of perpetual beta. The original perpetual beta series still provides a solid grounding but from a year-old perspective.

Purchase the 2018 e-book (PDF) as part of the perpetual beta e-book series.

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