no more email subscriptions

There are several ways to subscribe to this blog and I have just removed two: Feedburner (Google), and Webfish.

This will be the last post you receive via email as I am cancelling subscriptions and deleting all subscribers in the next 24 hours.

Update: There is now an email subscription service in the navigation bar. No data is shared with third parties.

Why am I doing this?

1. I do not agree with Google’s business model and how they are a key part of a global surveillance system. In the past year I have deleted Google Analytics from this site and I have moved my email from Gmail to Fastmail.

2. I do not want to share my subscriber list with third parties who may also share this data.

3. Webfish is no longer online, so I do not know what is happening with the data.

4. I know there are better ways to subscribe to blog posts.

I would strongly suggest using a Feed Reader or RSS aggregator to manage your subscriptions. RSS has been around for a long time but the platform capitalists do not want you to use it as they cannot track you as easily as staying in their app or on their website.

Put it to ‘the man’ in Silicon Valley and start using RSS instead!

I would recommend these two services which I have used:

InoReader (I pay for this service)


If you have other recommendations, based on personal experience, feel free to share them here.

Here is my Feed:

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