a conversation on leadership in the network era

I write about leadership frequently, especially how leadership in a network requires different skills and abilities than positional leadership provided by the inherent power structure of an organization or institution. In networks, influence comes through reputation. In this online presentation/discussion, we will discuss how perspectives, and demands, on leadership are changing in a networked society.

In networks, we have to move away from traditional metaphors of the ‘great man’ military theories of leadership and look for more fluid models, such as cycling, because — the best leaders are constant learners.

“Pelotons are able to operate in the way that they do because learning and experience is embedded within them. Young riders are mentored by seasoned professionals. They learn through imitation, trial and error, developing both instinct and intuition, daring to experiment when the occasion presents itself. The sport is all about life lessons acquired on the road, the knowledge gained from numerous failures as relevant as that acquired through the occasional success. Teamwork provides firm foundations. But autonomy within loose frameworks, decision-making and accountability are all encouraged from early on. It is this crucial combination – individual action contextualised in relation to the collective – that the modern corporation, government agency and charity now need to learn.” —Richard Martin

Discussion Topics

  • Make your network smarter
  • A compass to steer by
  • Diversity
  • Learning & Leadership

Live conversation Wednesday, 14 November at 13:00 UTC*
07:00 CST, 08:00 EST, 13:00 GMT, 14:00 CEST, 15:00 EEST


  • 90 minute online video conference
    • 60 minute presentation on core topics
    • 30 minute discussion
  • Session will be recorded and available for registered participants
  • Online chat during session

Participants also receive a one-year membership in the Perpetual Beta Coffee Club to continue the conversation. Registration Closed.

Let’s have a conversation

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