prisoners of our own device

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“We simply ask that you be innovative without mistakes while working as a team to achieve individual performance goals.”@DocOnDev

“Here’s a helpful logic tree to decide if work should be paid or unpaid:
Is work performed?
Yes – Paid
No – Unpaid
Hope that helps.”

@WeLearnedToday“Students only learn when they have a good relationship with a teacher. Stronger relationship = more learning.”
@hjarche (me) — So having one bad teacher for a whole year in elementary school can be devastating to a child. That child is basically in prison.
@CMWRawcliffe“Yup. I’d say a teacher in my son’s first year at school affected his confidence in his learning for the next 9 years. His personality changed in his first term. I queried that and was told ‘boys find school hard’ by the person keeping him prisoner. Horrid.”

How Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation swung the Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine to AstraZeneca

1) Oxford University promises to share intellectual property rights to vaccine.

2) Gates Foundation makes a grant to the research.

3) Gates pushes Oxford to partner with AstraZeneca.

4) Suddenly, AstraZeneca has exclusive rights to the vaccine.

CEO Secrets: ‘My billion pound company has no HR department’

“When I [Greg, the CEO] was 27, I was managing a manufacturing business in north London and there was a woman who ran the reception and also did customer service, who was in her 40s,” he remembers.

“One day I heard her speaking to a customer on the phone and I thought I could help, so I leaned in and gave her some wise words.

“She finished the call, like a consummate professional, and she turned to me and said: ‘Greg, I bring up two boys and a husband on the poxy wage this company pays. If I can do that, you can be pretty sure I can do anything this company wants from me. And by the way Greg, I was here before you were here and I’ll be here after you have gone. I love the company more than you do, so you never need to tell me what to do.'”

Let’s imagine a different kind of platform economy

“When the means of shaping a democracy are built on the ability to fine tune placement on a page, when the competitive advantage of a firm is dependent on non-transparent allocative algorithms, the concern is not simply whether there are anti-competitive practices, but whether, even if policymakers solve them, are they addressing the fundamental problem. Policymakers who merely focus on efficiency and the rate of innovation will fundamentally miss the opportunity, and rising demand, to improve the direction.”

The Dark Side of the Global Village

You’ve written about Marshall McLuhan as a thinker who had insight into the dark side of the “global village” and social networks. How have his predictions held up?

“His core message was way ahead of his time. Two key insights that address this question: a) the danger of becoming a global village is that we become global villagers. We obsess over the behavior of everyone, down to the lowliest individual. When we see them make mistakes, we vilify them (or unperson them); b) we are in a global information war, and everyone is a participant. The prize? The winner will control the direction of the AI-fueled socioeconomic artifacts we are building. The artifacts that live in the space in-between us online, manipulating our interactions. These artifacts can either maximize our opportunities (far better than is done today) or narrow them down to comply with a sterile orthodoxy.” —@JohnRobb

“The multi-sectoral approach to pandemic preparedness emphasizes significant roles played not only by health sector but also by all other sectors, individuals, families, and communities, in mitigating effects of a pandemic. Outbreak response requires coordination at all levels.” @YaneerBarYam

COVID-19 Containment in Asia’s Largest Urban Slum

COVID-19 containment model of Dharavi

COVID-19 containment model of Dharavi — Journal of Urban Health 2020


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