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Many businesses are focused on whatever the latest technology [e.g. LLM, GPT] is going to bring. But too many workplaces don’t even have the basics in place. There are large organizations with no knowledge management function. How do they share knowledge across a global enterprise? They don’t. Many companies have not mastered the basics of conducting meetings, something for which there are many good practices. There are ‘learning’ departments that only focus on courses and formal instruction, ignoring performance improvement, collaboration, and social learning.

Instead of chasing the latest shiny new business fad, get the basics in place. Decades of research behind Self-determination Theory shows that people need autonomy, competence, and relatedness to fully commit to their work. Forcing them to get back to time-wasting and polluting commuting to work kills any sense of autonomy. Sitting in an office does not result in relatedness.

If the basics are not looked after, there is no foundation for innovation.

innovation is not so much about having ideas as it is about making connections Image: Pointillism painting
Innovation is not so much about having ideas as it is about making connections — connect the dots

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  1. Re-read this several times. Hits all the pain points. Too many workplaces don’t have the basics in place. Absolutely. New and shiny get all the attention. We need a John Wooden of the corporation–John Wooden being the famous basketball coach whose first order of business was to teach athletes to tie their shoes.

    It always baffled me that something so time-consuming as meetings is never given proper attention. Or knowledge management. I see Box folders all over the place with no rhyme or reason.

    And you bring it up and people roll their eyes!

    • Step 1) Tie your shoes properly.

      I love it 🙂

      I learned about this from my cross-country running coach. Triple loop, bow knot, secured with a reef knot. Important stuff when you’re running through mud.

  2. I just saw what Justin commented on elsewhere and followed the link here. It’s good to see you call out how dysfunctional the basics are in many companies, including our own. I too am trying to change that where I work. Thanks for the post!


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