PKM Updated

Here are four main processes that can be used in developing critical thinking skills using web tools (click image to enlarge).

Using a Seek-Sense-Share framework (à la personal knowledge management), pick one or more web platforms on which to practise critical thinking.

PKM Critical Thinking Process Web Tools & Strategies
1) SEEK Observe & Study Use an aggregator (feed reader) to keep track of online conversations Follow interesting people on Twitter  

Use Social Bookmarks (set them free)

Find a Twitter App to suit your needs

Create online (reusable) mind maps,  graphics and text files of your thoughts

With more information in online databases, use Search, instead of file folders.

Set up automated searches

Review your bookmarks, Twitter favourites, etc

2) SENSE Challenge & Evaluate  

Form Tentative Opinions

Tweet your thoughts, not just those of others  

Write a reasoned response to an article/post that inspires/provokes you

Write an original Blog post

Present your images/mindmaps with explanations

Write book/video reviews

Aggregate your learning from various sources and post a regular “what I learned” article – text, podcast, video, image

3) SHARE Participate Connect via Twitter 

Share social bookmarks through groups & networks

Join Social Networks

Join in Tweet Chats

Comment on or about other blogs

Continue and extend conversations from news sources, other tweets or blog posts

In my opinion, the core of PKM is 2) sensing, though 1) active observation is necessary to feed sense-making processes and 3) sharing with others creates better feedback loops. The diversity of both what one seeks and who one shares with have a significant impact on the quality of sense-making processes.


At the suggestion of a reader of Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership blog, here are some personal knowledge management (PKM) references:

Networked Learning: Working Smarter – longer article as an overview of PKM.

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Latest list of PKM – Networked Learning Resources (2011)


2 Responses to “PKM Updated”

  1. Carolyn Hastie

    Harold, I really like the way you have distilled and clarified the various aspects of personal knowledge management into a very simple framework. This framework and the steps you have brought together via the mind mapping process really helps me understand how to go about sharing and interacting in a logical, comprehensive manner, rather than the scattered approach I’ve used til now. I love the colours and the graphics. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. Yuri

    Review your bookmarks, Twitter favourites, etc.
    I think that is managing your repository of information. I’m very interested in the underlying technology supporting it.
    thanks for sharing


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