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This past year I conducted an online workshop called “from training, to performance to social“. In November I will be running one on moving from training to performance support, and this will be followed by a workshop on social learning for business.

I have tried to put together the main themes in a slide presentation that covers some of my experience as well as recommendations I have implemented with my clients. My experience is that it is difficult to move a traditional training organization directly to a social learning focus and it is easier to start with performance consulting and then expand to social and collaborative learning. If you are interested in discussing these ideas, then join one of the workshops or contact me to deliver an online or onsite session with your organization.

training performance social.001
  • HJ: Harold Jarche
  • JH: Jane Hart
  • CJ: Charles Jennings

2 Responses to “from training to performance to social”

  1. Ara Ohanian

    Harold, thanks for posting the slide deck. I agree that broadening most organizations’ approach to learning is difficult not least because, as you say, moving from a centralized command and control structure to include the seemingly chaotic world of social and collaborative learning can be difficult. What would you say is the best single motivator to organizations to make this change?

    • Harold Jarche

      I would say that organizations that do not adopt these methods will fail or become obsolete. Social and collaborative learning enable an organization to deal with complexity and develop emergent practices that will keep it ahead of its competitors. The ability to learn faster is a competitive advantage.


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