AITD National Conference 2014

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

I will be  speaking tomorrow  at the AITD national conference in Sydney, NSW. Here is the interview I had with the staff prior to leaving Canada.

AITD: Without giving too much away can you tell us about your Work is learning and learning is the work keynote address?

Work is learning and learning is the work, because the nature of work is changing. For example, automation is replacing most routine work. That leaves customized work, which requires initiative, creativity and passion. Valued work, and the environments in which it takes place, is becoming more complex. Professionals today are doing work that cannot be easily standardized.

In complexity, we can determine the relationship between cause and effect only in retrospect. Think about that. It puts into question most of our management frameworks that require detailed analysis before we take action. It also shows that identifying and copying best practices is pretty well useless.

In complex work environments, the optimal way to do work is to constantly probe the environment and test emergent practices. This requires an engaged and empowered workforce. Emergent practices are dependent on the cooperation of all workers (and management) as well as the free flow of knowledge. It also requires learning as part of everyone’s workflow.

These changes mean that the role of training and development must change, or become obsolete.

AITD: You are also presenting two different workshops. Can you give us an overview of what we can expect from your From Training to Performance to Social pre-conference workshop?

From Training to Performance to Social, follows my own progression from military trainer, to human performance technologist and then social learning proponent. While training remains important, it is not enough. I will quickly cover some better approaches to training design. I will also go over tools like performance analysis which provide a clear link between training and work performance. Finally I will cover social tools and communities of practice, as that is where we are seeing emerging value for the T&D field.

AITD: And can you tell us a little about your Personal Knowledge Management workshop?

PKM is about taking control of our professional development and engaging with knowledge networks. I will cover my seek > sense > share framework and provide exercises to begin a personal knowledge mastery journey. Having written over 150 posts and several articles on the subject, there will be a lot to cover. The advantage of an on-site workshop is to help address individual issues and concerns, which I look forward to.

AITD: You are very active on social media, with over 10,000 twitter followers. Do you have anything special planned for the 35,000th tweet?

I guess that depends on where I will be at the time. These things pass me by and usually I notice them after the fact.

AITD: This your first trip to Australia. What are you looking forward to?

I already have a visit planned to see a platypus. I just have to get kangaroos and koalas checked off my list now 😉 But truthfully, I am really looking forward to seeing the many Australians that I have come to know via social media. The world is indeed a small place.

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