the coffee club

Last October I suggested that subscribers to this blog could buy me a monthly cup of coffee to support my writing. Several of you have done so: thank you!

To kick off 2018 I have decided to no longer offer beta conversations to the general public and instead make these events for paid subscribers only. I intend on conducting about 10 online video conference sessions per year. The subjects that we will cover will include technology, media, knowledge, and society, but I am sure we will always find something to talk about. I will ensure there is a topic or two at hand before we begin.

If you find my writing useful, especially for your own paid work, please consider buying a monthly cup of coffee. At our local café, a cappuccino is $4 (which fuels my daily bike ride where I get my best ideas) and I tip the server another $1. Total: $(CA)5.00, about €3.30

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