a cup of coffee

I was considering making this blog private and creating a community space for paying subscribers. However, after much deliberation I don’t think this is the best model for myself or anyone who reads my work. It would complicate the sharing of my posts, and my blog was ranked as one of the most shared in the learning & development field in 2013. I know that much of my work is used by consultants for client work, used inside companies, referenced in academic papers and theses, and used as curriculum in university programs. In the large majority of cases, I receive no monetary compensation. Of the 10 universities that I know who use my PKM framework in their curriculum, only one, Bangor University in Wales, has paid for my work.

So if you find my writing useful for your own paid work, please consider sharing a monthly cup of coffee. At our local café, a cappuccino is $4 (which fuels my daily bike ride, where I get my best ideas) and I tip the server another $1. Coffee for 2 is $10 …

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9 Responses to “a cup of coffee”

  1. Michel

    Hi Harold,
    You’re an innovator.
    I’m so pleased to offer you an esspresso…
    And buy your inspiring books.
    Never stop exploring
    See you soon.

  2. François Lavallée

    OH NO !!!!
    I read my email later than usual this morning… I so wanted to be the first subscriber!!!
    Ah well…. I might second ?
    keep the good work Harold… you sooooooo deserve a cult following… make this a PAYING cult following.

  3. Helen Blunden

    Hello Harold, your work has been instrumental to me so I will gladly offer my support here. (Funny, I used to have a similar set up on my website until some people took offence to it so I took it down but in all honesty, I was touched and surprised by those who supported it). Mmm…maybe I should revisit? Take care and keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!


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