Students in Favour of Laptops in Schools

Via Seb is this discussion (in French) about laptops in schools. The students at this northern New Brunswick school were asked on the Haut-Madawaska Learning Centre blog – what do you think of the Education Minister’s request for schools to participtae in a laptops in schools project and should we participate? The responses, which seem to be all from students, range from "computers will enrich our IT skills and increase communication in class" to "access to more computers would help us to access our existing class blogs" and "it would make research a lot easier" and "Wow, what a good idea".

Even the 2nd Grade class thinks that laptops in 7th and 8th Grade are a good idea. Of the estimated 100 comments, only one was slightly negative. So there it is. The students (learners) are resoundingly in favour of laptops in school.

I have always believed that the key to learning is motivation, having been influenced early on by Gagne’s events of instruction – where the first instructional event is "activating motivation". These students are already motivated!

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