Robin Good’s Official Guide to SOHO Web Conferencing & Live Presentation Tools

Luigi Canali [AKA Robin Good] has released an e-book on affordable web conferencing tools. Luigi’s online presentations are fun and informative, and it’s good to see someone focused on the SOHO (small office, home office) market. From one of the reviews:

To help the reader understand the differences between such SOHO platforms and their enterprise-class counterparts, three of the latter are similarly evaluated. The outcome of the comparison, which is sure to delight you if you’re not the captain of a large enterprise, is a surprising conclusion: many of the features of the SOHO platforms, particularly the all-important voice conferencing, are better than the corresponding features of the enterprise platforms! The inescapable conclusion: your agile and thorough move to an online office facility will indeed help you in your struggle with the dinosaurs!

This book has been added to my list.

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