Understanding the Real New Economy

This Summer I had the opportunity to help Rob Paterson with his 4th year UPEI course, called Understanding the Real New Economy. It was fun, and quite easy for me as a mentor. All I had to do was read the postings and make comments – no marking, or assignments done under deadline. I really enjoyed reading the wide variety of opinions; some more insightful and thought provoking than others.

The main text for the course was Natural Capitalism, parts of which you can access online. The final assignment was to describe two possible future scenarios on PEI. One being the result of just "bumbling along" and the other about creating a plan and acting upon it. One of the students, Joshua Arsenault, has posted his final assignment on his blog. Here is the conclusion of the positive scenario:

But, in the end, change is highly contingent on individuals and the circumstances around the person at that time. It seems that the fuel crisis actually spurred innovation and change because Prince Edward Island had the creative people who stepped forward to promote change before the crisis occurred. The crisis then acted as the tipping point for the positive changes we live with now.

I hope that some of these students will be stepping forward in the near future.

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