Laudably/Renewal Consulting Group Launches

Rob Paterson and Jevon MacDonald have launched Laudably/Renewal, a combination of their separate consulting companies, on Prince Edward Island.

We help organizations use an exceptionally inexpensive set of tools that provide the cultural experience of really breaking the silos, of really bringing the voice of the customer and the front line expert into the corporate head office and of really creating a legitimate community and hence more trust in both the workplace and with customers and suppliers.

Our objective to to provide you with a sustainable competitive edge ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú that of being able to compete, not in an arms race of yet more financial resources, but culturally.

Our process is to work with you to install a simple set of tools, based on Social Software, that enable you, with a minimum investment and with minimum disruption, set in motion forces and experiences that have the power to transform the culture of your entire organization.

I am forecasting that this will not be the last venture of this kind in the region, as small, innovative companies take up the slack that has been left by decades of managerial capitalism. Congratulations to Jevon and Rob for their leadership.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Harold
    Jevon and I are opHi Harold
    Jevon and I are operating under both our company names so it would be correct to say that our partnership is called


    It would be very nice if you could change your post to reflect this joint aspect. Many thanks


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