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I’m working on an evaluation of the Drupal CMS (content management system) for Rick Bruner, with the able assistance of Cameron Bales and Christopher MacKay (they know a lot more than I do about Drupal). One of the questions that Rick asks is whether the CMS is appropriate for corporate blogging. I think that this post by start-up Bryght.com tells it all:

Our business is going to be mass-hosting of Drupal sites. This means three separate channels: mass deployment (large organizations/companies/ISPs that want to run/deploy 100s of sites), resellers (developers, designers, and consultants that want to offer sites to end user clients but don’t want the hassle/administration of installation and maintenance), and end users.

This makes me feel more secure in the long term stability of Drupal as my CMS. Via Mark Oehlert.

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  1. Anonymous

    DrupalHo Harold – my next course and much of UPEI’s new blogging system is platformed on Drupal. It is very pwerful if crafted by a few experst. It is then very easy for us lesser folks to use it well.

    If you contact Will he can get you linked up


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