Free social software sandbox for teachers

James Farmer is offering a place for teachers to test out social and pedagogical software technologies:

So, by providing free-for-teachers hosting, installation, support and consultation for weblogs, wikis, CMSs and more, I figure I get to learn an enormous amount (which will certainly help me in my career), help some frustrated teachers out and show the light to others who would have a lot of trouble technically getting there. Well worth a few bucks a month I think.

The software suite also includes synchronous tools and discussion boards; and the CMS is Drupal. Go ahead and try it out.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the link HaroldThanks for the link Harold,

    Much appreciated, I kinda hope that if people like trying out stuff using incsub then they might be tempted to stay around too, good for my research :o)

    Drupal is pretty cool, I’m kinda soft on siteframe (come and play if you like: too!

    Cheers, James


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