Learning States

RTI International has been developing a framework for international development over the past two years, called Learning States. This is a new approach, with significant funding from various multinational corporations (MNC), focused on the base of the world’s economic pyramid (BOP). As MNC’s see their first world markets becoming saturated, but without a strategy to meet the needs of emerging markets, RTI has created this initiative to foster sustainable job and livelihood development.

The Learning States for Growing Economies white paper, co-authored by Hal Richman, gives an overview of the strategy.

Using the lens of learning and innovation,
Learning States is brokering a series of
partnerships to connect (1) the world’s leading MNCs seeking to grow new markets at the BOP; (2) local business, government, and economic development leaders in emerging market states (EMS); and (3) donor organizations
interested in economic and job growth. These learning partnerships will be guided by a new model for growing markets, jobs, and prosperity. Specifically, the Learning States design process creates a space for innovation by selecting pilot sites where traditional business models will not work. As MNC and local business leaders generate ideas for innovative
products and services, the Learning States team brings in local stakeholder groups, such as educators, policymakers, and government officials, who are committed to identifying new opportunities and creating new value in emerging markets.

Perhaps some of the insights on learning and innovation can also be used here in Atlantic Canada, especially since Hal lives in Nova Scotia.

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