M-Learning from Canada

Local company, Engage Interactive, is bringing e-learning to handhelds. With its PDA courseware, Engage is looking at expanding its markets:

“We expect our PDA courseware technology to be especially popular outside North America,” said Mr. Heinstein [VP Software Development]. “According to the market firm IDC, China has become the second largest market in the world for handheld computers. Mark Perkins at iBIZ claims the PDA and handheld market is exploding in Europe. And Latin America already has more wireless Internet subscribers than land-based. The market for small wireless internet devices is expected to grow to $73 billion dollars in 2005.”

A demo course, Caring for a Diabetic Patient With Acute Coronary Syndrome is available for viewing.

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  1. Anonymous

    Engage Interactive M-LearningAll,

    This is something to keep a close eye on – and Engage is a team
    that knows how to get the job done. And if you want strategic
    consulting with that, you go with Harold Jarche.

    Recently I picked up an HP 4150 wireless PDA and I am digging
    this bigtime. Previously a Palm user, I have succumbed to full
    integration with Outlook and near-instant wireless syncing on
    any of the 4 campuses that I work on. Combine that with wireless
    MS Messenger and now you really have something -> perhaps
    M-Learing becomes my next killer app

    David Francis
    Academic Director, Virtual Campus
    Idylwyld and 33rd Street
    PO Box 1520
    Saskatoon SK S7K 3R5

    (O) 306-933-5001
    (F) 306-933-8403


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