Plus ça change …

Rick Bruner, of Business Blog Consulting, notes that enterprise vendors, like Canada’s own OpenText are moving into the bloggging space to sell their products. I have the same question as Rick though; ” … but I don’t understand why any company would pay $50,000 and $150,000, according to the article, for blog software ...” It seems to be that the hype cycle around blogging is growing, and companies will spend a lot of money on “blog” software without first doing their homework. Like learning management systems (LMS) and later learning content management systems (LCMS), some organisations will spend a significant amount on “enterprise blog applications” only to find out that it’s not so much the technology as the processes and implementation that are really important.

My advice is stick to the open source (e.g. Drupal) or ASP’s (e.g. TypePad) for your blogging pilot projects. After a good test period you can decide whether to adopt a platform, modify an OSS one, or purchase an enterprise version for big bucks. With so many low cost options for blogging, there is an existing solution for most organisational requirements.

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