Small Businesses, Loosely Joined

Following on the last post that business is about networks, is this article from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle about three individual business operators (craftsman, interior designer & architect) who team up in different ways for different projects:

When they come together, the way that they work is as diverse as a buffet. Sometimes they recommend each other to their respective clients. Sometimes they work together as a team, while other times one will work for the other two. At times they unite and bid on larger commercial projects that they would not have been able to have on their own.

I have talked about the Organization of the Future and Natural Enterprises and am using some of these ideas in my own practice. When you work alone, you can max out pretty quickly on a project, so you always need a good list of partners. Like the three businessmen in the article, I don’t see any reason yet to create a corporate body or a defined partnership, and am content with this constantly morphing business model – just the right size for the job at hand. This self-styled "Dream Team", flies in the face of traditional business management consulting:

But the three have never crafted a business plan, named a board, taken titles or even set formal fee structures. They also maintain their separate companies.

Via Small Business Trends

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