Eric McLuhan, “The new media won’t fit into the classroom”

I had the pleasure of sitting down and reading the Walrus Magazine this evening. There was a rather unflattering article on The McLuhan International Festival of the Future held recently in Toronto. This piece at the end of the article really caught my attention:

“As the last few intellectual thrusts of ‘Probing McLuhan’ wound down, a figure rose from the crowd and said a few words. The voice was eerily reminiscent of the Master, as was the rhetoric. It was Eric McLuhan. ‘The new media won’t fit into the classroom”, he told the audience. “It already surrounds it. Perhaps that is the challenge of the counterculture. The problem is to know what questions to ask.’

For the first time that afternoon there was silence, and it spoke volumes.”

All of the action is outside the classroom — blogs, wikis, IM, podcasting — you name it. Soon, the only place to get away from media will be inside the classroom. Hey, they don’t even have a telephone (c. 1876) in every classroom yet.

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