Blogging for dollars

Joe Dysart has written an article for Sales Promotion Magazine on blogging for the average business. He interviewed me a while back and has compiled an easy-to-read, non-technical overview of blogging for business. An example:

So how do you get a blog up and running? For starters, you may want to check out, a free hosting site where you can set up a pilot blog for your organization in a matter of minutes. The primary advantage of using a system like this is that all the technical details are handled by the site – although you’ll need to put up with’s self-promotional ads if you want the service for free.

After piloting a blog, and if you’ve gotten positive feedback from your experimental site, you may want to buy your own blog publishing software, and bring your blog in-house. Moveable Type is cited by many in-house bloggers as their package of choice, but there are others available on the market. Before you buy, you’ll probably want to check out Blog Software Breakdown, which offers an exhaustive feature-by-feature review of virtually every major blog publishing software package currently on the market.

Even after you think you’ve worked the kinks out of your pilot blog, experienced bloggers advise you to open your doors to the world-at-large without a lot of fanfare. Better to make your mistakes before a few helpfully sympathetic friends, say experts, than fall on your face before the cruel, cruel world.

Three blogs are covered in the article – mine, a real estate blog and one for an executive coach. This is a good reference piece for the uninitiated, and there are lots of those, in spite of Technorati’s tracking of +8 million blogs.

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