Innovation & Disruption

If you were interested in my previous post about Clayton Christensen’s model of disruptive innovation in his book Seeing What’s Next, then read these two articles by Dave Pollard. Dave has taken Christensen’s theories a step further and integrated other models to come up with a more prescriptive strategy for companies to approach innovation. His recommendations are boiled down to six steps, which he explains in detail in his posts:

  1. Research the strategy canvas for your industry [based on Blue Ocean strategy];
  2. Find out from each segment of customers (including low-end and current non-customers) what they value and what their unmet needs are;
  3. Compare the strategy canvasses to the needs of each segment;
  4. Find the gaps;
  5. Brainstorm and ‘imagineer’ how you can effectively, competently and profitably fill them; and
  6. Experiment, test, qualify and then roll out the qualifying innovation opportunities.

Now I just have to put these ideas to work in our latest start-up initiative …

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