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Yesterday, Eliiott Masie stated that Google was one of the best learning tools around (anyway, that’s what he says he told Bill Gates). Following his presentation, Ben Watson said that Google search results are information overload and that he doesn’t find it a useful way to get just-in-time information. I use Google a lot (it’s how I’ve developed my limited skills with HTML) but I think that there are many people who do not know how to maximize the full potential of a search engine.
Marshall Kirkpatrick has just republished ten tips for searching the web, so now there is a ready performance support tool for anyone who wants to improve their search skills. That’s the power of networked communities. I Furled it too!
You can also go to Google’s advanced search tips.

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  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Thanks!Thanks for the link, I’m glad you found my article on search helpful. I just found your link via PubSub this evening, dissapointing that it took all weekend. Just mention that in case it’s of interest. I’m excited to check out your site as we seem in a similar line of work. Best wishes!

  2. Harold

    Good web siteMarshall;
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and it’s a good resource, especially for those new to the field of learning & technology. Too bad we’re a few thousand miles apart. BTW, I don’t use trackback links because I receive hundreds of trackback spam per day.


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