Blackboard + WebCT = ?

Via Stephen is the news that the two biggest course management systems for the academic market are going to merge into a single corporate entity, though the Blackboard company name will dominate. Here are my initial thoughts:

  • My first question remains, "Does it do anything for the learner?" A: I don’t think so.
  • Elliott will say he saw it coming all along 😉
  • This makes the comparison with open source learning systems a lot easier, because there will be fewer proprietary systems to compare with 🙂
  • The WebCT brand will quickly fade away (don’t want to confuse the client)
  • License fees will increase for this "new & improved" product.
  • Those really interested in facilitating learning, like George, will continue to do their own thing and still not be engaged in a discussion by Blackboard.

This just in: Jay posts a copy of the official letter to customers.
… and Scott’s (new) analysis;
… as well as Godfrey’s take on the merger

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  1. dave cormier

    Mmm… It seems to breakMmm… It seems to break down the one argument that has held up the proprietary guys for years. “Who knows when those fly-by-night opensource guys are just going to go away, or get bought out.” hee hee. It also explains why WebCT has gone through so much work to clean up its code… or is a result from it.
    Blackboard + WebCT = Blackweb.


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