“How to Choose a Content Management Tool According to a Learning Model”

The article of this post’s title is on the eLearningEuropa site. The article maps teaching models to web learning systems. Peter Baumgartner lists three teaching models, and then goes on describe five types of content management systems for learning. He notes which CMS fit with each teaching model. I’ve replaced systems listed in the article with ones that I’m more familiar with, in this summary table :

To transer knowledge To acquire, compile, gather knowledge To develop, to invent, to construct knowledge
The Pure CMS Mambo
Weblog CMS Blogger Movable Type Typepad
Collaborative CMS Drupal
Content, Community, Collaboration MS ELGG
Wiki Systems TWiki

I would note that Moodle is probably a hybrid of a Collaborative CMS and Wiki System. Drupal also has a wiki-like capability with its shared books that can be edited by multiple authors and all revisions are accessible for viewing.This type of matrix appeals to me as a starting point for conversations about what technology is appropriate for an educational institution. First, you come to an agreement about the teaching model (these three are not the entire spectrum) and then you can create a short list of systems for further evaluation. This is a better starting point than the more typical feature-list approach.

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