Local paper reports on blogging

I was interviewed this week by a reporter from the Telegraph-Journal, one of our provincial papers. The article, "Small business picks up on blogging", appeared in today’s Business Section and included a reference from Mark Federman of the McLuhan Institute. The article offered no new information for bloggers but it’s heartening to see some good press on blogging for business. Beats all those guys in pyjamas jokes [BTW, my PJ’s are blue]. As the journalist, Nina Chiarelli notes:

Web logs can be valuable as a firm’s "human face"

All in all a positive article but it could have been enhanced with some URL’s so that readers could further delve into the subject online. Hyper-linking to references is one of the key enhancements that blogs offer as a medium. Some other small business blogs, not mentioned in the article, can be found here.

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