Learning Objects as Activities

Here is an example of the power of the Internet, blogs and asynchronous communication in the development of ideas. It starts with Teemu Leinonen’s post on the "Urinal as learning object". Not as strange as it sounds (just read the whole post) but the point is that objects aren’t learning objects until they’re used for learning. The post is picked up by Stephen Downes, which of course means that it’s beamed all over the world. Albert Ip then posts on the comments that have been made and adds his perspective, which, in my mind, puts it all together. The result of this conversation can now be shown as:

object + learning context = learning opportunity; and
learning opportunity + appropriate learning activity = learning

This makes me think about a previous post on teachers’ roles in learning & problem solving.  The key is to focus teachers, instructional designers, etc. on finding and facilitating "appropriate learning activities". These formulae indicate that educators should concentrate on stimulating action. Educational technologies based on these premises could actually enhance learning. Sure beats this model:

digital content + short-term memory testing = e-learning

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