Constellation W

Via Jon Husband, one of the creators, is a new website called Constellation W. This bilingual, interactive information site looks at three threads of development – Technology, Economy, Society – that are currently entering new eras. The site lets you follow deeper explanatory links to examine the data, understand the past thirty years, and see what to watch for today. One of the aims of the site is to provide, “A space for citizens to reflect on our collective future.”

The site includes many diagrams and pictures and allows you to add comments in certain areas. This got me to thinking about the wiki textbook project at Education Bridges, and the desire to create useful educational resources where others can add to a knowledge base and let it grow organically. Constellation W is not all that interactive but I don’t think that it would take a lot of additional programming to open it up. I also find that the layout and navigation of Constellation W is more appealing than your average wiki. I’d encourage anyone in the Education Bridges community to check this out (that’s you, Dave).

Anyway, it looks very interesting and I intend to explore it some more. Constellation W could be an excellent web exploration site for students as well.

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  1. Jacques

    Merci pour cette très intéressante trouvaille, Harold. C’est du grand Michel Cartier, cela. En examinant leur schéma dynamique, décrivant la rupture de ce début de siècle et des nouveaux paradigmes à l’horizon, cela vient me secouer dans mes trippes. Je viens de me commander le livre Nine Shift, j’ai hâte de le dévorer; oui, je sens que cela se passe, mais pas ici (bureau) car comme un autre a dit (Will R. je crois), il faudra que cela fasse mal avec que cela ne change. Edgar Faure a déjà commenté sur l’immobilisme : plus ça change, plus c’est pareil…


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