Going the Distance to Calgary

I’m in Calgary doing some client work where I also met with Camille Jensen, a fellow Informl Unworkshop participant and Editor of the Alberta Distance Education & Training Asssociation’s newsletter, The Distance. Camille gave me a quick tour of downtown Calgary, including these supposedly wind-reducing statues:


As free-agents in the same field, we discussed all kinds of topics, ranging from schooling to instructional design to what is the best descriptor for our chosen professions; all in the warm Alberta sun 🙂

Camille has put together an excellent newsletter at ADETA (not just because I have an article in it) including a description of Connectivism by George Siemens. Camille’s overview of web 2.0 technologies for learning is perfect for anyone who needs a primer on this changing field. The other Informl Unworkshop participants who wrote articles for this edition include Dave Ferguson (Job Aids), Dave Lee (Pitfalls of web 2.0 apps) and Jay Cross (on the semantics of all this *2.0 stuff).

The newsletter (PDF) is available on the ADETA website.

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