Global Text Project

The recently established Global Text Project, managed by the University of Georgia, has the following objectives:

The goal is to create a free library of 1,000 electronic textbooks for students in the developing world
The library will cover the range of topics typically encountered in the first two years of a university’s undergraduate programs
The global academic community and global corporations will be engaged in creating and sponsoring this library

The project is similar to Wikipedia but there will be more control over the editorial process to ensure that the texbooks adhere to academic standards. You can engage in the conversation, as this project grows beyond its initial two texts, through the Global Text Project Blog.

Given the level of control, it will be interesting to see if this project achieves wikipedia’s popularity and whether the texts gain widespread use. I also wonder if these books will wind up being used in North American institutions as well.

Texts will be published under a Creative Commons license.

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