I will not buy MS Vista

Michael Geist explains in plain English why there is no reason to rent (you’re not purchasing it anyway) Microsoft Vista:

Even after installation, the legal agreement grants Microsoft the right to revalidate the software or to require users to reactivate it should they make changes to their computer components. In addition, it sets significant limits on the ability to copy or transfer the software, prohibiting anything more than a single backup copy and setting strict limits on transferring the software to different devices or users.

Vista also incorporates Windows Defender, an anti-virus program that actively scans computers for “spyware, adware, and other potentially unwanted software.” The agreement does not define any of these terms, leaving it to Microsoft to determine what constitutes unwanted software. Once operational, the agreement warns that Windows Defender will, by default, automatically remove software rated “high” or “severe,”even though that may result in other software ceasing to work or mistakenly result in the removal of software that is not unwanted.

Given that most applications are available on the web (e.g. GoogleDocuments, Gliffy, Gmail …) and that Apple or Linux give you an excellent desktop, is there any reason to support this monopoly? Not for me.

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  1. Stephan

    yes, I agree totally. It seems to be Big Brother’s software. The intersections of states and corporations are growing more and more.


  2. Roger Hiles

    Vista has got to be the least customer-focussed product Microsoft has ever released– it’s the Zune-ification of the operating system.

  3. Dave F.

    One reviewer here in the Washington DC era wondered if Vista is really the last big PC-centric effort from Microsoft, in a world where both applications and “operating system” are moving to new models.

    I don’t know, but I sure am glad that for now at least I’m not forced to upgrade.

    That same review used a phrase I’d forgotten: “boil the ocean,” referring to giant software efforts that try to fix everything. Probably explains a good part of the delay between the last XP and Vista.

  4. mark oehlert

    You know, everything I read…and I mean EVERYTHING just keeps pointing me toward an Apple. Understand that I am big gamer..its actually part of my job and a move to an Apple probbaly means I’ll have to maintain two computers but as my grandpappy used to say “Judas H Priest on a pony”…this Vista thing is awful….


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