NB Self-sufficiency Task Force

The New Brunswick government has commissioned a task force to look into ways that this Province can become self-sufficient.

You are invited to view the comments and/or join the discussion. The Task Force Co-chairs also contribute, by posting questions and/or clarifying issues. The contents of this Discussion Forum will be analyzed and contribute to the preparation of Final Report of the Task Force on Self-Sufficiency. The Discussion Forum is open until March 31, 2007.

The recommendations to date could be considered to be a bit controversial and have fostered some discussion and conflicting points of view. I’ve added my comments to a few of the six discussion areas:

  1. Increase population and labour force
  2. Sweeping changes
  3. Increase labour productivity
  4. Rural and Urban connections
  5. Export growth
  6. Expand our existing corporate base
  7. Leaders

Part of my concern about this process is that it is just a snapshot in time and does not connect to the serious discussions that have been going on for several years in non-traditional media (like blogs). If you have some perspective on economic & community development, then please add your comments to the “official” discussion. I’m told that the Premier will read these comments, while I’m sure that most politicians don’t read any of our blogs (correct me if I’m wrong).

So if you have older posts that pertain to these topics, then just copy and paste them in. Think of it as a manually-operated RSS aggregator 😉

2 Responses to “NB Self-sufficiency Task Force”

  1. Brikwall

    Self-sufficiency will not be possible with an economy based on minimum wage retail jobs and $10/hr call center drones.

    I think the government has to look a little deeper, to learn why so many people leave the Maritimes for a job and a life elsewhere. It’s great to say that you will increase jobs and increase productivity. However, if the public is not willing to work in those sectors, is unable to create or maintain the lifestyle they want from the wages they receive, and fails to obtain the sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment they desire, then they will continue to leave. Anf if you can’t keep the native-born population here, how the hell are you going to attract newcomers?

  2. Brian

    “And if you can’t keep the native-born population here, how the hell are you going to attract newcomers?”

    Thats their Idea,get rid of the English,which is happening anyway,and bring in more french from the poverty ridden colonies of france,which were depleted of all their resources.and Independence,and engineer it so they vote liberal.
    The hatfield,mckenna legacy,SELLOUT.


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