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Jerome Martin responded to my last PKM article with an excellent reference document. Several years ago, Jerome wrote a chapter on Personal Knowledge Management (PDF) for the book, Managing Knowledge: Case Studies in Innovation.

Even though it’s seven years old, I would recommend this 10-page chapter as an introduction to PKM. I don’t think that many people were even using the term at the time, but Jerome has a great list of random thoughts, namely:

  1. Spend time with creative people
  2. Go to conferences that are fascinating and apparently irrelevant
  3. Learn about a new area
  4. Travel
  5. Read voraciously
  6. Create a private personal knowledge web resource
  7. Tell your story

The first five points can be done while unplugged from the Net, so don’t think of PKM as a web-only affair (just look at the good books I’ve read in the past few years) . Today, I would slightly disagree with #6, because I have found that you get more value with a public than a private knowledge resource, but then these recommendations were made in 2000. Finally, #7 is much easier today with blogs.

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  1. Dave F.

    I agree in general about the public knowledge resource — your blog nudged me to start mine. At the same time, I’d like a way (which means “there probably is a way”) to automatically tag some content as private.

    E.g., I have an “incubator” category in WordPress that I use for notes for myself that aren’t ready or aren’t intended for public view. (If my blog is a whiteboard, maybe I should rename that category “scratchpad.”)

    The problemis, in addition to using the incubator category, I have to remember to set the status to “private.” Otherwise, these items appear as posts. Easy enough to change, but I’d like some way to more smoothly manage what stays on teh scratchpad.


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