Why does Aliant’s service suck?

I don’t like using the “S” word when referring to a company, but in this case I feel it’s appropriate. I have complained before about Bell-Aliant’s service, and how it took over a year to get things straightened out:

A little bit of searching and I found the e-mail of one of Bell Aliant’s VP’s and sent my story, with links to my blog. Within 24 hours, Aliant had delivered:

  1. an apology directly from a VP
  2. a rebate on the High Speed Ultra service for which I paid
  3. a year’s worth of free Ultra service

Unfortunately, what I received from Aliant has almost no value. First of all, Aliant’s service does not work with Skype, my preferred VoIP application.

Net Neutrality Canada - Neutrality.ca

Secondly, Aliant’s Ultra service comes with free “TV on your PC”, but this service hasn’t worked at all for 3 weeks, and my requests for help remain unanswered.

All I can say is, “Buyer Beware”, and choose an alternative.

Update: I never received a response from Aliant’s technical support regarding TV on my PC, but my son suggested that I roll back Windows Media Player, and after two rollbacks (to v. 9) it now works, in spite of Aliant’s statement that the service works with Version 9 “or higher”. Still no joy with Skype.

Update 2: It seems that other telco monopolies are blocking traffic.

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  1. Stephen Downes

    When I moved to New Brunswick in 2001 I chose Aliant’s high-speed service.

    It turned out to be an unusual and backward form of ADSL offering speeds less than half that or normal ADSL. The equipment didn’t work properly and I couldn’t get service.

    This told me that Aliant was a small-market operator run by parochial gnomes that would never offer up-to-date service. The blocking of Skype is a perfect example of how such companies think.

    I switched within a couple of months to Rogers and have had no problems with internet access since then (aside from a DNS hiccup a couple years ago that was cleared up after a complaint).

  2. Mike

    Hey Harold,

    Switch to Eastlink and be done with those people that squashed any vision that NBTel may have had.



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