Social Bookmarking with Ma.gnolia

You may have noticed in the right column of this site under External Links that my bookmarks are now with Ma.gnolia. I switched from two days ago, after a recent switch from Furl, for reasons that I explained last December.

I saw Ma.gnolia and instantly liked it. The interface is pleasing; there is a cached copy of your page (which Furl had but lacked) ; and the RSS feed is exceptionally nice, with a colour thumbnail and the comments included in the feed. Transferring my data was easy and Ma.gnolia even provides you with the direct link to your OPML file. All 600+ of my bookmarks were uploaded and put into Ma.gnolia, which seems to be much more social and human.

Update: I have switched back to as I had some export and OpenID authentification difficulties with Ma.gnolia.

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  1. Harold

    I forgot to mention that I used my Elgg-generated OpenID to register for my Ma.gnolia account. Almost nothing to fill in 🙂


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