Video Principles

I’ve been thinking that video on the Web tells some stories a lot better than writing about them. After having stumbled through digital photography, I’m now thinking about trying my hand at videos.

Tom Werner has collected some excellent advice on how to shoot video and has posted it as a handy checklist for anyone interested in improving their skills. The advice comes from Phil Pendy, whom I met while at the Innovations in Learning Conference. Phil has done it all and has more experience than many of us can even imagine.

Here are Phil’s video principles:

The #1 factor is that spontaneity makes video interesting.
For video on the web, the two more important things are close-up and not too much movement.
Begin at the end of what you want and work your way back.
Editing is important. It’s pacing that makes a video.
Overshoot (and edit later). Be prepared to throw it away.

Check out Tom’s post, as there is a lot more to learn. So maybe Santa will arrange a video camera for Christmas …

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