Student Entrepreneurship, Part 2

Once again, I’ll be going to TRHS and talking to the high school entrepreneurship class this week. I had some good feedback last time and would always appreciate more input. Zach, the teacher who is behind this, said that the Spring session was a hit, especially the trailer for the movie The Corporation. Many of the students now go and rent the movie and show it to their parents.

I may have a larger group of students this Thursday and I’m working on keeping the presentation quite short, with only a few themes – the end of the industrial age; 3 billion people now connected; hierarchies & wirearchies. There should be lots of time for questions or more discussion. I just want to create a spark or two.

I’m thinking of showing one of two short videos from TED Talks (any advice?):

  1. The last half (10 minutes) of Sir Ken Robinson’s Do Schools Kill Creativity?
  2. Richard St John’s Secrets of Success in 8 Words (3 minutes)

The reason for #2 is obvious and it’s very short, while my logic for #1 is that creativity is the key for success in work & entrepreneurship, especially in an inter-connected world of intangible goods and services.

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  1. Trevor MacAusland

    I think #2 best reflects the type of advice our youth need to hear. Especially overcoming the attitude that risk is a bad think in this region.

    #1 is good, but I think it is more geared towards the teachers rather than the students.

    Just my $0.02…

    BTW, great use of digital media to expose students to the world of the participation age.

  2. zach

    being part of the system, creativity is something I try to embrace in the class…its hard when our post secondary institutions are still basically relying on lecture as a medium of delivery…

    one of my students who graduated from TRHS last year is at Waterloo and loving it…they have the click response thing (sorry?!)

    i believe the hook to kids is technology,..but technology for technology sake is something I’ve seen in my past life…we see them here in the educational system…in the army…my background..we used to call them white elephants…monuments to a failure…

    what I’m trying to get my head wrapped around is why when all of the educational research is telling us the technology is the key, why universities (and some colleges) aren’t embracing it …if they change…the secondary school system WILL be force to follow…

    if anyone knows of anything really cool happening out there…let me know..

    I’m especially trying to create a second life type of experience for my entrepreneurship class

  3. Harold

    It’s not “technology”, it’s the Internet that has changed everything. The Internet is a disruptive technology on the same order of magnitude as the printing press. You cannot compare overhead projectors with the Internet. It may be comforting for some to say that it’s not about the technology, but for the first time in 500 years, it is.
    I know of many cool things happening on PEI with Second Life and Web social media and I’ll connect you with them –

  4. Karyn Romeis

    I’m assuming you want to stimulate thought and discussion, in which case I would go with Ken Robinson. He highlights the status quo, whereas Richard St John suggests a solution.

    Perhaps you could finish with the St John piece as a kind of wrap up. Or supply the URL as a post session follow-up activity.


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