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I recently joined Xing, a business social networking site. In one of the forums I came across an open source social networking system (SNS). Dolphin is Creative Commons licensed, not the more typical GPL for open source, with the following restrictions:

Dolphin is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This means that you are free to use it the way you need, adapt it, change code, distribute, share with friends or even sell it. You must, however attribute the work as specified by BoonEx. And the specification is dead simple – don’t remove links to BoonEx and the Dolphin Page in the footer of all Dolphin pages, unless you paid for it.

An example website built with Dolphin is the German/English language LearnTube! Community, though it doesn’t have many members yet.

I get a lot of hits on this website from searches looking for open source alternatives to Facebook. I have recommended Elgg, which hosts Eduspaces, or sometimes Drupal, and now I know of another one. I’d appreciate finding anyone with first-hand experience of a Dolphin installation.

Update: It looks like Eduspaces will be shutting down its free service as of 10 Jan 2008. It’s too bad, but a free service still has to pay for the cost of hosting hundreds of blogs :-(  More on Eduspaces at IncSub.

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  1. Mike Gifford

    Interesting choice of licenses for this software. I just got called about someone who had set up this application a dating site.

    They were quite happy with all but the search engine for it (they wanted us to enhance it but are a bit too busy with Drupal work at the moment to take that on). Interesting approach to ensure link backs and brand name recognition.

    I wonder how they take community contributions and if they would accept a module which is licensed under the GPL.


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