Quick Screen Grabs for Blogs

I found kwout via Joan Vinall-Cox and it’s a pretty fast tool that sits on your browser and lets you grab a screen shot, use the generated html and stick it on your blog. It’s much faster than similar desktop tools and kwout automatically embeds the target link, saving another step.

Of course, I had to make a quick grab from Marilyn Martin’s visually appealing blog:


Rather Graphic via kwout

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  1. Harold

    I see that JingProject is made by TechSmith, the same folks who make Camtasia and SnagIt, both excellent products.

    What I like about kwout though, is that there is no download required. On the other hand, if the kwout application goes down, I will then lose the image.

  2. Jacques

    Also, I’ve tried Kwout to capture a particular post from a blog, with a .html URL. Didn’t work. (Error – Invalid page format). Seems it only captures the front page of a site (need to verify this, though).
    Too bad, because I saw in Kwout the opportunity to add a screenshot of posts woth sharing…


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