Net Working

Le Café (Clark, Dave, George, Jane, Jay, and me) is in its infancy as a group of collaborators, but we’ve just finished an exercise that I think really shows the power of networks.

Jay is on-site with a large company and during the day many questions came up that needed more reflection and multiple perspectives. Jay posted these questions and the rest of us commented on our wiki or via e-mail (firewall issues). Not only do we offer multiple perspectives, but the fact that we live in multiple time zones works to our advantage as well. Comments came in last night and I edited these and sent a synthesized version to Jay before he had breakfast this morning. Even though I’m used to spinning on a dime, the speed of reaction and the ease of weaving our comments together still amazed me.

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  1. Jon Husband

    There are some nice (and similar) diagrams related to the structures of networks in different conditions as related to Dave Snowden’s sensemaking model, so if you like / agree with his model (I think it’s very strong) then looks like you are on a fruitful path.

    I can share those diagrams with you when I see you in Montreal.

  2. Harold

    Excellent – thanks, Jon. The photo is by Jay Cross, but I’m having problems with the uploading function, so I couldn’t embed a link to it.

  3. Stephen Downes

    Actually, the ‘transition stage’ network is more representative of a network proper. The final phase, ‘everyone involved’, resembles a group more than a network, and is unsustainable above a small number.


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