PKM for LearnTrends

Another free, LearnTrends professional development event is gathering steam for November.


Like past LearnTrends events, there will be a great variety of presentations and conversations over the three days. I’ll be presenting on Personal Knowledge Management. The entire schedule should be out on October 15th.  I’d appreciate any input or suggestions on what to focus on for the half hour or so I’ll have to present.

Here are some of my existing resources on PKM:

The most recent overview: Sense-making with PKM

One example: Creating your PKM Processes

More examples: Other PKM Processes

Also, Patti Anklam just concluded a three-part series on knowledge management, with The 3rd KM: Personal Knowledge Management.

3 Responses to “PKM for LearnTrends”

  1. Tony Karrer

    Harold – my question is what organizations should be doing around this? What skill building?

    The challenge is that it’s personal and quite different based on roles. Going around and coaching seems too expensive.

    How do you begin to move an organization forward?

    • Harold Jarche

      Sounds like a good starting point for a conversation, Tony. How do you initiate an organizational knowledge management strategy by enabling individualized PKM? (I have some ideas)


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