Aggregate Understand Connect

I’ve changed one word, but doesn’t it make more sense like this?

As I talk about PKM here or with this graphic and discussion, “understand” is more descriptive of the human sense-making activities than “filter” is. Perhaps I should go back and change these posts to reflect what we are actually doing – understanding as part of the sense-making process.

This is inspired  partially by The Problem with DIKW as well as comments by Stephen Downes, but I still want to keep the PKM concept as simple as possible, for business reasons, not academic ones.

Aggregate Understand Connect

4 Responses to “Aggregate Understand Connect”

  1. Robert J Saulnier

    It makes a lot of sense… you’re describing Bloom’s taxonomy:

    Ideas -> Knowledge
    Understand -> Comprehension
    Aggregate -> Application? Analysis? Synthesis? Eval?


  2. Tim Kastelle

    It does make some sense. I had a long talk about AFC with Cyprien Lomas yesterday, and I’m still not sure how well it maps onto PKM (which isn’t why I started thinking about it in the first place).

    I fully agree with you that Connect is the absolute key to the idea – that is where the creative bits take place.

    In the end, though, you’ll know if it works based on how people respond when you talk to them about it!

    • Harold Jarche

      Thanks, Tim. I understand that we are are discussing separate but related concepts, so perhaps I adopted your terms too quickly. I must say that AFC got the point across much quicker than my previous PKM posts of the past several years. AUC may work as well, and yes, we’ll see.

      Thanks again for your tangential inspiration.


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